Blue Springs Store

Meet the Blue Springs Store

John: We all know that kid who hangs around in the shop for hours. Every once in a while that little goober grows up own a shop of his own. That is John's story. As a young punk John would ride up to the Bike Barn where he would hang out all day and annoy the staff. A seasoned veteran of the bike business, Papa John has dedicated over 25 years with his brother, growing The Bike Stop from the ground up. In his spare time he enjoys car racing and riding mountain bikes! 

Amy: A born winner, Amy, got her first taste of the podium at the "Harrisonville Elementary Bike Rodeo" where she proudly left with a Bronze Medallion draped around her neck. This sparked a fire under Amy, inspiring her to become the power-house mountain biker she is today. As an employee of the Bike Stop for 20 years, (defying child labor laws for the majority of that time, don’t bother with the math) she has been crucial to the Bike Stop Experience. Today she still enjoys tearing up the local mountain bike scene and is also a new mom.  Her dedication to helping customers find exactly what they’re looking for has made her the most popular shop chick in the land!

Ryan: The super commuter, Ryan does not believe in motorized vehicles. Around these parts he is known for his love of off road riding. He is at home anywhere from gravel roads to technical single-track. He is an avid single speeder and even more avid customer of the local McDonalds. Ryan is also soon to be married, sorry ladies. He is always happy to help you with all your cycling needs and will work tirelessly to ensure you have exactly what you’re looking for from water bottles to bikes!

Renee: Shop chick and Marc's better half